• 5 tracks are better than 1

    Providing an all-encompassing approach to grow your digital brand

    5 disciplines: 1 mind

    Digital Professional & Brand Builder By The Numbers


    Fortune 100 companies I have done project work for


    Bands, Musicians, Entertainers and Athletes I have worked with


    Professional photos taken for clients


    Years of experience in 5 digital disciplines


    Webby Award recognitions


    Million albums sold while working with me

  • Sense of Freedom

    I named the company 5 Track Mind because I don't want to be defined or pigeon-holed with a label that I must conform to: marketer, strategist, designer, photographer, content creator, social media blah, blah and blah. I just want to create great results with great people based on my 20+ years as digital professional.

    Open and Flexible

    It has always proved successful for me to work at a relationship level, letting the work dictate if it is a healthy and mutually beneficial relationship between me and the services I would provide clients. There are no contracts to be locked into... just tap into our results-driven pipleline to accomplish what you need... when you need it.

  • What 5TM Does

    Your fractional CMO, CCO and CSO rolled into one


    Truth in results

    It isn't just about doing stuff and hoping it works. All work should be measured, retooled and revised to ensure it was worth the effort and the cost.


    Brand & Content

    It's imperative to take the time to understand your goals and drive a strategy that works.  You need not only a strategy, but someone to enact it.


    Connecting Dots

    You need great content to drive engagement. You need real engagement to grow your brand. Don't get hung up on the "Likes"...but on true connections.


    A picture says...

    Though everyone is a photographer today with their phone in hand, you need more than this. What 5TM provides is professional branding and live photography.


    Powerful Messaging

    Within the next year, 90% of all content consumed will be video. Whether it is intended for viral or its true episodic series... you will need a partner to excel.


    Visuals and Words

    5TM provides both graphic design and editorial content that exudes the pulse of your brand. If someone sees it or reads it, make sure it is all aligned to who you are.

  • See How 5TM Works

    Download our 5TM work flow model (pdf) for a visual of how 5TM could work with you.

  • What 5TM Believes In

    Core principles to drive great engagement and great results

    Amplify Your voice

    You have a narrative... make sure people hear/see it

    You currently have a voice and brand, but are they orchestrated as one?  5TM believes that when it is all brought together and amplified, it will roar and resonate with one collective voice.

    Have Some Personality

    Life is too short to not have fun with it

    Make sure that what we do together is not only effective, but ridiculously fun on the journey.

    Harness Technology Channels

    New tools are always emerging... use the best ones

    5TM believes in being your advocate as you navigate your digital eco-system. To do this, we need to find the right tools and maximize them to reach your objectives.

    Align Content, Community & Commerce

    A small tagline

    5TM has been preaching that at the core of your digital brand resides the pillars that drive it...C ONTENT, COMMUNITY and COMMERCE. It is a delicate balance and 5TM  now has 20+ years of experience perfecting it.

  • Background on Dale

    Dale Manning - Owner

    A bit about my work experience...

    I am a seasoned digital executive, leader, creator and strategist. I’m an expert in business communications, social marketing, technical analysis, UX/product design and marriage of technology along with business.


    I have over 25 years of experience within technology, marketing and entertainment industry companies. I am a dyed-in-the-wool entrepreneur that has envisioned, architected, built and sold 4 technology based marketing companies and I am driven to think big and drive an idea through the furnace of growth to completion.


    Along the way I have had the privilege to work with many inspiring companies and entertainers. From Nike, HP, Doc Martens, WWE and Monster on the corporate side. All the way to inspiring artists like The Doors, Imagine Dragons, Alice Cooper, Zac Brown Band, Tupac, Ramones, Third Day, Garth Brooks, Jeremy Camp, Brad Paisley, Casting Crowns, The Band Perry, Zedd… and dozens more. I have learned a lot and have poured my heart and soul into my craft as I have worked in the process of shaping, sharpening and promoting the economic results that these great brands required….and deserve.


    I have worn many hats in my career – programmer, designer, photographer, product development, marketer and strategist. As a result, I have a unique ability to manage multidisciplinary projects and to navigate complex challenges.


    All of this to say that life and business boil down to a few key things:

    • I’ve been directing development and creative teams since the Web was born
    • My big ideas usually turn into actual big opportunities.
    • My hunch is more right than wrong
    • Multi-million dollar projects and pro-bono work require the same dedication to proper execution
    • I am a multi-linguist of tech-driven business. I speak fluent geek, marketer, designer, creative ideation… and even the role of a salesperson. Understanding means fewer missteps, and missteps cost a fortune
    • Smell some roses along the way and be thankful for the blessings
    • I have been changed forever by a relationship with my Maker
    • My love for wife and my children will always be the most important work I do

    Personal Website http://www.DaleManning.com

    Places I have worked:

    •  2001 - 2016 // Founded Idea Den (MasterChannel)
    • 1998 - 2001 // VP of Technology at CMD (Portland, OR)
    • 1997 - 1999 // Founded MediaRewards (Portland, OR)
    • 1995 - 1998 // Partner and Director of Internet Services at Koopman Ostbo (Portland, OR)
    • 1992 - 1995 // Owner PageMann.com (Vancouver, WA)
    • 1990 - 1995 // Hewlett Packard (Vancouver, WA)
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